Whenever I was asked what my long-term goals were I always replied, “make it to 30”.  It seems like an unconventional answer I know, but asking an extreme sports athlete what they plan to do long term  is like asking Wilfred Brimley what he plans to do with leftover ice cream  (he’s the spokesperson for diabetes if you don’t remember those commercials youtube it).  In both cases be it extreme sports person or insatiable ice cream disposal there isn’t much thought being put to the future. The focus is on ripping into life or Haagen-Dazs as righteously as possible until they both run out. Well, I made it.  I’m 30.  Many people were skeptical, but only time will tell whether I got here out of luck or skill. So to mark this occasion here are some lesson’s I’ve put together while ripping it with all of you:

       -       Peer pressure is a great thing so long as you surround yourself with awesome peers.

-       Money can buy happiness if you have the imagination to spend it on others

-       Everyone can sing, just adjust the music to fit the notes you know and get involved.

Here’s to another 3 decades with all of you. Sharing the road is the only real purpose I’ve found to this interesting and distracting game. So it’s with that in mind that I’ll close with my grandfather’s motto, “head to the top and grab as many people as you can along the way”.