Rest easy, loved ones—you’ll never lose me.

True, you might misplace me for a moment… so here’s how to find me. You’ll find me waiting for you to realize why I said I love you in the first place. I said it simply because I love who you are, flaws included, eccentricities added—I love you for all that you are and perhaps more than you see. 

I paid no mind to whether this feeling was reciprocated, because my love for you is unconditional. I don’t expect I will get to enjoy all of your company for the rest of my days. I set you all free the moment I said I love you, and am grateful when our paths cross, but don’t require that they ever do. Separated by thousands of miles or an inch, I love you for life, and though my body may be lost at some point, the fullness of my love resides in your ability to recognize you’ll have it forever. 

We don’t lose the people who loved us. Ever. We may never hold them again, but the feeling we got from their love should be there as long as we can remember why we had it in the first place.

For all the people who wish us safe travels, fear not, we love you. Let us instead be afraid we haven’t shown you all the love we have to give. And if you ever miss us, go do something that fills your heart and find that we’ve been waiting for you there all along