This year I attended Burning Man. It was the first music festival I have ever been to. Whatever you may think of it, if you haven’t been there, you have no idea. It’s the greatest party in the world. Period.

Before I begin, I have to thank the Moab Monkeys for throwing that amazing party last year, survival of which gave me the courage to attend Burning Man. Equally, I have to thank Lawrence De Laubadere for pushing me over the threshold of adventure where I belonged. You are all true friends.

To begin, I will state as an empirical truth that Burning Man cannot and should not be put into words. It’s an experience. And so it goes that all the photos, all the recordings, and all the retellings put together cannot replace you being amongst it.

So rather than try to recap the unmitigated awesomeness that is 70,000 people showing up in the desert with the sole purpose of putting smiles on as many faces as they can, I’m going to share with you (in no particular order) the two prominent revelations I had while I was home so far from home.

           First:  Wander out to do amazing things. Wander by yourself. And when you come across something you could never have imagined, when you start feeling something you couldn’t anticipate and are overwhelmed by the awesomeness that is life, you will think of a few people you wish were there to share the moment, for the moment cannot last. Keep those people close for as long as you can because they complete what life is all about.

           Second:  Fate is real. Fate as I like to understand now. The mistake I used make is to think that fate was going to determine my future, while it is clear that fate instead has led each and every one of us inexorably to the moment we are in right now. All of my choices, knowledge, predispositions, and motivations have put me in the exact place I sit--and as much as I may try to, I cannot run from my motivations, my desires, or my fears. We cannot run from who we are.

While I was at the Burn there were literally infinite directions I could travel and incalculable amounts of interactions that were possible. And while I could discount some of the opportunities that were presented to me as coincidence or chance, they were more than that. They were fate.

Those experiences and people who just so happened along my path were there because each part of who I am played a distinct and important role in leading me to exactly that moment. The only thing left to do in that moment was simple: Accept that that moment was for me and jump down the rabbit hole.

Remember to choose well when you’re faced with one of these moments; the person on the other end is counting on you to make the right decision.