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Matthew Jamil Blank

I grew up in Southern California skateboarding by day and racing BMX by night. Most mornings I spent at the beach surfing or bodyboarding before school, always with an eye on the weather in case I needed to skip out early to hit the coast.

After high school I worked my way through the University of California Irvine as a rock climbing instructor and while I was finishing my degree in psychology and social behavior with a minor in film I worked technical rope and cave search and rescue for the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department.

After college my attentions shifted to snowboarding, skydiving and B.A.S.E jumping. I instructed freestyle and all mountain snowboarding for Vail Corp. and still instruct skydiving from time to time at Perris Valley Skydiving Center. In the more recent years I've jumped from one extreme community to the next pursuing my ultimate goal of collaborating with other like minded extreme athletes to create projects that have the potential to change how people see the world.  I make a living as a professional extreme sports athlete and commercial stuntman traveling the globe looking for the next adventure. 

G-Form     Evolv Sports    Adidas Outdoor    Squirrel

Commercial Credits
KFC Go Cup TV Commercial (2014) - Stunt Coordinator, Paraglider, Wing-Suit Flyer
Yeti Mountain Bike's Web Commercial (2014) - B.A.S.E Jumper
North Face In Store Display Video (2014) - B.A.S.E Jumper
Wriggle's 5 Gum Web/TV Commercial (2015) - Skydiver
Plugfones Web Commercial (2015) - Camera Man
Discovery Channel 3D Reel (2016) - Rigger/Rope Jumper
Gillette High-lining Web Commercial (2016) - Rigger
Coca Cola Fanta TV/Web Commercial (2016) - Rigger/Rope Jumper
"When We Were Knights" Independent Film (2016) - Wingsuit B.A.S.E jumper/Narrator
Scottish Power Company TV/Web Commercial (2016) - Wingsuit B.A.S.E jumper/Aerial Camera

I hold the following ratings in the following areas:
Climbing and Rigging
- Climbing Wall Association Instructon
- International Rope Access Technician Rigger Certification

- Accelerated Free Fall Instructor/Evaluator
- Tandem Master
- Instructor Assisted Deployment/Static Line Instructor
- Camera Flyer
- Wingsuit Coach
- Professional Rating (allows for the jumping into off-drop-zone locations such as stadiums and work on commercial projects)

- American Association of Snowboarding Instructors Certification Level 2

- Open Water

B.A.S.E Jumping
- B.A.S.E certification number 1412

I participate in the following activities at a commercial level:
- Skydiving, B.A.S.E jumping, Speedflying, Snowboard Speed-Riding
- Snowboarding, Downhill Skateboarding
- Rock Climbing
        - Sport, Traditional, Bouldering, Free-Soloing, Big Wall, Aid Climbing, RappellingHigh-Lining, - Rope Jumping, Bungee JumpingStreet Bike Riding, Road Cycling, BMX Riding, Surfing, Bodysurfing, Bodyboarding, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Free-Diving, Aikedo, Jeet-Kune-Do, Soccer, Tennis, Trail Running